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    Unique Image, Inc. is an integrated brand marketing and print media solutions agency in Los Angeles, California. Our innovative end-to-end services offered by our signature breathe™ concept elevates your brand and increases your revenue. Take a breath and discover.


    breathe™ is the signature philosophy that embodies the end-to-end services and productions under the Unique Image Innovation umbrella. It’s derived from the energy that inspires programs, products and services to exceed their own potential. It builds a foundation fueled with meaning, drawing clarity from the intrinsic dynamics of color. Positive value delivered from breathe™ is felt at all tangible and intangible levels.


    Integrated Branding:

    Enduring brands are the everlasting results we craft for our clients. Synthesized tactics are meshed with cultural, consumer and empirical data to offer strategic positioning solutions for growth and prosperity.

    Corporate Identity
    What do you do?
    What do you stand for?
    Why shall we buy from you?

    These are just four of the 152-point corporate identifiers to be answered when we customize your Identity Overview. Once defined, the answers will be reflected on all your online and offline communications, including designing and printing your logo, tag line, slogan, collateral material and online interfaces. Ultimately your corporate identity will be significantly elevated through a clear and concise program that embraces your mission, goals and values.

    Assessment and Management
    The value of a brand is measured by how it is recognized and perceived. Looking at the most recognized brands in the U.S. or globally, there are many commonalities and very distinct differences. We assign a value to your brand through statistical analysis and real-time focus grouping to draw the human perception together with the empirical. Once completed, we deliver strategy and solution that leads to Brand Shepherding.

    Brand Shepherding
    Through our Brand Shepherding program we propel your brand by maximizing its visibility, enhancing its message to reflect your company’s identity. Our integrated marketing teams protect your brand’s value through sage implementation of your static and multimedia campaigns while seamlessly positioning your brand and setting it apart from competitors.

    Focus Groups
    Knowledge of consumer behavior is best identified through primary searches. Our exclusive focus groups populated by industry leaders and brand experts are pulled from surveys, interviews, product sampling, testing and demographic targets. Providing insight about your product service, brand and identity, this information is vital to understanding consumer wants needs and expectations. We use this tangible data to lead your company in maximizing its market share and designing products that are proactive, making your company a market leader and innovator.

    Image Strategy
    Producing your company image is an art that we turn into a science. Your image strategy defines your short and long-term vision. It communicates your level of sophistication and simplicity. It starts with your mission and values and ends with your stakeholders. Your image strategy starts here and ends with a delivery of clear implementable strategy enabling the consumer to embrace your company and brand.

    Message Development
    Whether it is a product tag line or creating a full campaign, we’re your message development team. With your vision at the forefront, a message is defined and created that attracts evergreen audiences and is applied through your entire marketing and branding impressions.

    Creative Services:

    Whether your objective is to create a national campaign or a simple image, our strategy, concepts and intuitive design stimulates and inspires that “agency look” at below-the-line costs. We deliver advertising and promotions that are refreshing, intelligent and provocative.

    There are many specialized creative service companies, but very few could be called a full-service creative boutique that offers the umbrella services we provide. Rather than contracting with various agencies for a project calling for a complete and cohesive campaign from design to production, you can rely on us for a true creative agency that handles all aspects of your campaign in-house.

    The thinkers and artists at Unique Image provide every service your project demands, from graphic design and logo development, to brochure design, to complete multi-format advertising agency services. Whether you are looking for a comprehensive print and television advertising campaign, a comprehensive brand development service for a new business, innovative photo shoot or re-branding and promoting an existing business, we are your source. Employing the services of a creative agency allows you to concentrate on the area of your expertise – running your company – while we work within the areas of our expertise to make your business even more successful.

    Breathe with confidence; we have the nationwide presence and experience to offer you a range of services few other creative agencies can match, without losing the personal attention and familiarity you would expect from an integrated boutique.

    Advertising Publicity:

    Mapping new roads and shining the light on you is what we do. We create the fuss! Whether it’s earned or purchased media, our unique ability to generate settings of trust drives success.

    Ignition through the power of red…

    Media Planning and Negotiation
    Our strategic media planners have been producing results-driven campaigns for nearly 20 years.

    Unique Image analyzes your needs from top to bottom and designs a program to reach your desired targeted audience. We work closely with your new and prospective advertising partners to maximize your marketing dollars and then monitor every aspect of the buy to ensure success.

    An added bonus is our fee structure…while most agencies take the standard 15% we take only 9.68%. This can be a tremendous savings over the course of your campaign.

    Specialty Promotions
    We are insightful researchers, proven strategists and problem solvers, developing innovative methods that shape impressions at every point of contact. Whether it’s improving traffic or thanking a customer, we assist with unique and customized specialty promotions and raise consumer awareness.

    Our award-winning designers continually infuse freshness nto icons, logos, brochures, direct mail programs, sales kits, newsletters (printed and electronic) and advertisements for top companies.

    Product Placement
    Gain exposure and enhance your image through the labyrinth of the product placement world and maximize your branding efforts through proper media settings and the entertainment industry. Attracting the right advertisers for you is our goal. Our consultants are here for you to gain insights and obtain the tools you need in pursuing this integrated strategy.

    National brand recognition
    International brand recognition
    Verification of brand appearances
    Reaching your target audience
    Raising awareness
    Promote product interest

    Commercial Production
    Together with our production experts, we produce high quality, creative and inventive television ad campaigns, corporate and commercial videos, demonstrations, industrial training and corporate video.

    From script development to post production, we are a full service production team, driven to success, utilizing state of the art digital or high definition cinematography. Our engaging rapport and results-based urgency are the intangibles that translate into sustainable brand escalation and recognition across multimedia platforms

    Trade Shows
    Direct Mail
    National and International Ads

    Publicity, Public Relations and Earned Media
    Our publicity and public relations campaigns help client brands gain "allocation of rapport" through a sequence of engaging and connecting impressions. Those impressions include editorial, word of mouth and blogging, experiential marketing, white papers and positioning workshop documentation, and community-based grassroots outreach.

    Consumers today demand a discourse and dialogue intertwined with an open exchange. Our channel of communication strategies connect to the editorial and consumer communities in a fresher and more impactful way.

    Crisis Management
    Our quick strategies and communication tactics are essential in solving a crisis. Working with executives, communications specialists and employees, we move to implement pre-planned and on-the-spot programs that have the greatest ability to reach every possible channel.

    Ethnic Marketing:

    Equal parts instinct, innovation and analysis, the science of niche marketing makes its home at Unique Image. By continually defining new markets, we’ve become the widely recognized global outreach specialist and intercultural liaison. Our work extends from deep research and examination to full implementation of targeted ethnic campaigns. The end result is uniting cultures and reaching new audiences.

    We provide services and specialize in these areas of ethnic marketing

    Business and Press Delegations  
    Community Outreach
    Cultural Risk Analysis  
    Franchising International
    Trade Relations Liaison

    Business Delegations
    Participating in business delegations provides your company with visibility among your target ethnic group and insight on the how, who, what and why, questions that you should answer when marketing your service and product. Our international business delegations are a unique bridge to the culture, community and key business leader and government officials. We are the preferred supplier of international trade services and ethnic marketing in the Middle East and Asia Continent region and have a long history of organizing trade, press and cultural visits to many regions of the world.

    Community Outreach
    Proactive corporate citizenship is not only a campaign, but it is a must, and from our vantage point, good deeds should not go without reward. Communities seek help and seek to help. Through our community outreach programs our clients make a difference in many lives without changing the way they do business and as the ultimate reward, our clients receive increased visibility, added value to their services and products, stronger brand awareness, and an augmented bottom line.

    Unique Image takes your community outreach program from concept to completion. Our years of working with communities have earned us the privilege of being respected within many communities, and clients.

    Cultural Risk Analysis
    Understanding the market is essential, but understanding the culture is vital to succeeding in new markets. Our analysis team provides a complete study custom-researched to match your company’s vision and expansion goals in specific markets. Studies include marketing message and wording and communication analysis, which undergo a 32-point vantage point review from our focus team.

    International Franchising
    The world is getting smaller by the day. Competitors are entering your market on a daily basis. It’s time for you to enter theirs. We construct your strategic international expansion plan which gives a detailed blueprint on how to enter new markets, including laws, regulations, business requirements and franchisee screening and qualifications. Unique Image supports all of your needs and can expand your profits.

    Trade Relations Liaison
    If you would like to import or export your products and services, we understand the landscape of building trade relations. We are equipped with vast knowledge of industry, research, government agencies and community relations. Let us plan your essential activities and connect you to key executives and officials to drive your trade.

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    Print Media Solutions:

    Color paints life into art and creates masterpieces. As your partner, we take each project to meticulous completion with a vested attention to details and high quality with emphasis on consistency and protection of brand.

    Since 1992, Unique Image has excelled as a certified WBE diversity supplier for corporations large and small. With green-conscious selections and a commitment to building strong communities, our full-service printing facility delivers on-site high quality commercial lithography through our state-of-the-art capabilities and complete media production house. With a culmination of colorful solutions customized to your company’s needs, our customer service‘s team is waiting to serve you and is available on call 24 hours for any emergency required services.

    Providing dual commercial printing and print management services in the areas of Commercial High Quality Print.
    As your printing and media partner, we handle each project to meticulous completion with a vested attention to details. Our dual on-site printing facilities (including one-to-full-color sheet-fed and web presses) allow us to consistently meet time-sensitive deadlines and budgets. All with an eye on brand and above-the-line quality control.

    All of our Unique Image team members are customer service driven. Their performance is evaluated based on full customer satisfaction. They maintain a leadership position for all aspects of commercial printing and take great pride in working with our clients to give them the best possible image that often leads to industry recognition. We are your one-stop agency resource for corporate identity, annual reports, magazines, newsletters and catalogs, brochures, posters, calendars, displays, banners, packaging and pack-outs, postcards, presentation folders, stationery and special greetings and invitations.

    Digital Production
    Managing digital production is an exacting, precise science, and that’s why our production management techniques offer a powerful framework for delivering excellent user experiences, derived from extensive research into the processes used by seasoned professionals.

    We feature both established and exploratory services encompassing printing, multimedia, Internet, digital photography and website design across all digital formats, files and programs. All pre-press activities are handled in-house to maximize quality and turnaround and ensure confidentiality.

    Inventory Warehousing
    Strategic inventory control is provided on-site - and at no charge to printing and fulfillment clients - securing valuable resources and client assets. Our sites are clean, well marked and quality checks and regular reports are supplied to ensure custody lines and reordering needs.

    Special Project Management
    Our project management specialists strategize, customize and set forth your special project needs. When there are special needs that require advance planning and implementation, we become your partner by designing a solution that bridges any gaps identified in our project assessment.

    breathe™. Differentiate yourself from the rest. Making us a part of your team will secure productivity, efficiency and timely projects and human resource on demand.

    Direct Marketing:

    In the new media age, how do you engage consumers with your brand? Breathing excellence and intrigue into tailored direct and e-marketing is our specialty. Through our Plus+Direct, your company reaches customers at an emotional level, bonding them to brands and influencing decisions across unlimited media platforms.

    Database Marketing
    As marketing departments get smaller, new approaches are taking root. A new breed of databases is required to succeed in marketing and new media today. Enabling proper data mining and enhancing the ability to generate ad hoc reports will effectively personalize your marketing campaign per person. All the while, it provides a knowledge base of your demographics and gives your company a competitive advantage. Anticipating customer needs and introducing new services/products put you ahead of your competition. With every client, our plans are customized to your specific marketing needs.

    Direct Mail and Fulfillment
    Here, your Plus+Direct team knows how important it is to get print material out the door. Using decades of expertise, we have discovered how to cut costs and improve productivity for corporations who see the impressive power of direct response. We guarantee to save the customer time, money and resources and give flight to imaginative programs.

    Inventory Management
    Managing the storage of your documents, monitoring your consumption levels, adjusting your inventory levels, just-in-time fulfillment and delivering stress-free inventory management saves you space while increasing liquidity and efficiency.

    Loyalty Programs
    Repeat customers are the most important asset for a company. When customers recognize your brand and come back to you, they become infinitely more valuable. How can you help them? Reward them. These programs must be managed properly and we provide proven programs that add to the top and bottom lines of your company. We structure incentive programs and loyalty marketing campaigns through consolidated avenues with a rewarding approach.

    Event Management:

    Everlasting impressions is our specialty when it comes to producing national and international events. As we generate buzz and create that signature experience, we embody intelligence and sophistication, allowing the innovation to emerge. For decades, we’ve elevated the impact of trade shows, fairs, festivals, concerts, galas and more to gain results for corporate clients and for charities.

    •Film Festivals
    •Grand Openings
    •Conference Planning / Trade Shows
    •Social Events

    If you have the event, we’ve got the solutions. With the power of our full service event management team, Unique Image transforms your concept into a premiere event presenting your brand with style and empowering your goal with success and impact. Regardless of your budget big or small, we showcase your event in grand style.

    Event Production
    Enriching the impact of your trade shows, fairs, festivals, concerts, shows and galas is a way of life for us. It generates return on business revenues, excellent referrals and tremendous goodwill and visibility.  With Unique Image providing venue recommendations and negotiation to finding that perfect speaker or entertainment, you can focus your attention on other details of your event. We plan your theme, create your marketing and advertising, handle rehearsals, run-throughs with speakers and guests, produce your audio and visual, handle your RSVPs and coordinate on-site.

    Planning and Coordination
    As your source for event planning and coordination solutions, our professionals are committed to making your event a success. We handle all the day-to-day logistics to ensure a smooth running of a successful event and offer personalized planning and coordination with first-class 24-hour service and access to a variety of resourses.

    Auction and Fundraising
    Generating excitement for your event can start with your auction and surge through your donors, attendees and the media. Hidden dollars are generated, and fundraising becomes just a tad easier. Every factor in your fundraising event is given careful consideration and implemented without distraction to your event or guests.

    Multimedia Presentations
    From the red carpet to high quality media and audio visuals, our highly creative and experienced production teams and public relations experts ease the process, delivering the media, the buzz, and the clout essential for that intangible experience.

    Venue Negotiation and Site Selection
    Our team of expert negotiators combines with our extensive venue database to form an invaluable alliance that distinguishes us from the pack. Beginning with the vision and concept we create for you, we roll out a plan that guarantees a memorable event. Site selection and negotiations can be a sizeable task and Unique Image is here to help you determine the perfect setting for your event that fits both your concept and your budget.

    U&I Vision:

    Giving empowers us and gives rise to the very core of everything we believe in. Advancing social issues for the benefit of all fuels community outreach. U&I Vision is the landmark goodwill program designed to enhance corporate reputations and keep charitable giving moving forward.

    We understand that the success of non-profit organizations depends on their ability to transform people into supporters. However, gaining exposure and creating these partnerships is often a costly luxury that most non-profits struggle to enjoy. That’s why we developed the U & I Vision Program, which enables non profits to reach the audiences they need to transform people into supporters that will sustain and advance their mission.

    A History of Advocacy
    From the top down, Unique Image is dedicated to the dream of a more peaceful tomorrow with nearly 20 years of advocacy and contributing to more 100 US-based charity and children’s organizations, including

    American Heart Association, Blind Children’s Center, Break the Cycle, Children’s Action Network, Equality California, Goodwill Industries of Southern California, Inner Circle Foster Family Care, KidSave International, Muscular Dystrophy Association, Pacific Lodge Boys’ Home, Valley Interfaith Council, the Gas Company and the United Cerebral Palsy.

    Our partnerships result in total benefits-based relationships that allow for a collaboration of efforts that enables you, the non-profit, to free up your resources to concentrate on accomplishing your mission. We create value by coming in as a sponsor…an in-kind partner…or simply creating strategies and campaigns at cost that meets a sometimes slim budget. You can make a difference and continue being a role model in the community too. No other continuous philanthropic program in the United States allows for this groundbreaking corporate giving where the client is able to give to charities just by conducting business as usual.

    Straight Talk
    Don’t take our word for it. Here’s what our long-standing non-profits clients have to say:

    “Wafa Kanan exemplifies the best of human kindness and inspires hope to all. The 6,000 families we serve thank her and Unique Image for their tireless efforts in helping fight muscular dystrophy.”
    –Nora Gharbidian, District Director, Muscular Dystrophy Association

    “Their work not only raised awareness for children in the Middle East, but also for our organization in general, which allows us to worry about programs rather than marketing and advertising.”
    –Jeffrey Meer, CHF International

    “Unique Image put the festival on the map in Los Angeles. Their work gave us the credibility needed to compete in a crowded market.”
    –Robin Saban, President and Founder, International Student Film Festival Hollywood

     “Project Angel Food is honored the work with Unique Image, Their work has enabled us to feed countless people in the Los Angeles Area bound to their homes who would not otherwise be able to take care for themselves.”
    –John Gile, Project Angel Food

    “Unique Image has helped raise hundreds of thousands of dollars which has translated into giving the gift of sound [Cochlear implant surgeries, hearing aids, and rehabilitation] to hundreds of underprivileged children worldwide.”
    –Ilham Kalioundji, President, SAWA of Southern California

    “We are so pleased to be able to work with Unique Image. At first their program seemed too good to be true, but we soon learned that it is a dream for us, and we hope that your wonderful business model will inspire others to help in the community.”
    –Genevieve Riutort, Director of Development, Westside Food Bank

    U&I Vision in the Los Angeles Times
    Chronicled in the pages of the Los Angeles Times, the U&I Vision program provides innovative advocacy in tough economic times.

    Strategic Business Development:

    Our services both protect and strengthen a company's relationships with—and reputation among—its key shareholders to increase value, engage employees, deepen customer loyalty and align with public interests. We've partnered with Fortune 500 corporations and small-to-medium companies to build reputations locally, nationally and internationally. Our approach to brand management and business development is based on the premise that a company's reputation and its brands are increasingly interdependent and that the current business environment demands innovation rooted in the traditional.

    Since 1992, our clients have entrusted to us their integrated service needs, including print media solutions, integrated branding, direct mail and fulfillment advertising, public relations, creative services, ethnic marketing, event management, business development and charitable giving.

    Our services both protect and strengthen a company's relationships with—and reputation among—its key shareholders to increase value, engage employees, deepen customer loyalty and align with public interests. We've partnered with Fortune 500 corporations and small-to-medium companies to build reputations locally, nationally and internationally. Our approach to brand management and business development is based on the premise that a company's reputation and its brands are increasingly interdependent and that the current business environment demands innovation rooted in the traditional.

    Concept Maturation
    There are thousands of new ventures a day. How are you different? How can you elevate your new or existing concept to reflect effectiveness and trust? First, we assess the concept maturity level and how the target consumer perceives it. With your vision and mission in place we redefine your concept and deliver it at an advanced and captivating level. Concept maturation is defined with meticulous analysis, finite planning and its ability to move across advanced graphic design, intelligent web design, target advertising and public relations.

    Corporate Policy Assessment
    Activities and performance should mirror corporate policy. We specialize in assessing the environmental aspect of the corporate policy, to include macro and micro economic environment and how your company is equipped to grow with consistent and clear message. Our corporate policy experts address government relations, corporate relations, client relations and employee relations. We determine the optimal response of corporations to enable answers to both expected and unexpected events. We analyze, plan and help you implement our recommendations.

    eBusiness Strategic Planning
    An attractive website acts as your immediate window to the world. There is more to a site than what we see. eBusiness strategic planning leads the consolidation of your internal and external functions using the power of the Internet and telecommunications. We gather the plan to streamline your business functions from procurement and resource allocation to client interfacing, merchant relations and securing payment. Our plan is built to fit your specific business requirements and built to secure eSolutions.

    Feasibility Analysis
    Before investing your assets or entering into negotiations to secure funds for a project, having the confidence that such a project is feasible is a must. Lenders and venture capitalists demand this research and analysis before making any investment decision.

    Depending on the scope of your project and your needs, our planning division and network of highly accredited project managers, will investigate your project and provide you with a clear analysis with our recommendations on its feasibility or alternative strategy to enable feasibility.

    Organizational Structure
    Many factors affect the flow of information and smooth operations of a company and its growth potential. While all look to increase profits through different strategies, each company has its identifiable structure that enhances its performance. We assess your current structure, looking at information flow, layers of management, cross departmental communication flow and stakeholders connectivity, and we provide the model that creates a lean structure to fit your mission, vision and goals.

    Sales Management
    Our sales management team drives revenue to your company and initiatives to your sales teams by providing comprehensive sales strategies and plans, identifying sales opportunities and drawing the best leads to your organization.

    Market & Psychographic Data Analysis
    Interests, attitudes and opinions are the three phases of consumer psychological decision-making process. We analyze these variables, crunching numbers, analyzing behaviors, assessing trends and understanding environments. Our expertise provides you with a true picture of your target market with a unbiased eye.

    Product Development
    Companies that increase market share and continuously increase their productivity are in constant development. Innovation is no luxury; it rather determines the livelihood of a company. Our innovation department develops new product lines with cost savings and measurable performance that become profitable business units.

    Strategic Niche Publishing:

    With two state-of-the-art facilities equipped with lithographic, flexographic, screen, quick, digital and the latest in commercial printing, we produce the high quality publishing you need for effective communications. We publish top quality annual reports, internal corporate newsletters, training booklets, employee handbooks, event booklets, corporate and government policy booklets. But the list does not end here. Our publishing department offers concept to completion publishing include copywriting and graphic design for turnkey publishing solutions.

    Unique Image, Inc. is acclaimed for filling the void for positive media in the Middle Easters, Mediterranean and North African world with the creation of ALO Hayati, America’s Top Middle Eastern Lifestyle Magazine. With the vision of Unique Image president Wafa Kanan, ALO was created from the ground up and now serves 1.2 million readers.



    As a Los Angeles-based boutique marketing and design agency, our company's drive is simple: we are all about results.

    Take a look inside the Unique Image design studio.


    Case Studies:

    San Mateo County Fair
    Concept to Completion
    Marketing, Advertising/Media Buying,
    Graphic Design, Printing and
    Direct Mail/Fulfillment.

    Problem Statement:
    San Mateo County Fair was facing a significant drop in attendance... a trend that was occurring for each of the four years prior to their contacting Unique Image. What is more, with nothing but a slogan, San Mateo County Fair knew it needed a significant change in marketing strategies and the collateral material to go with it!

    Marketing Assessment:
    The success experienced by San Mateo County Fair in the past was dwindling as evidenced by their drop in attendance. approach to extend their reach through an integrated marketing and print media An approach was needed to take their marketing initiatives past their present grass-roots campaign.

    Marketing Solution:
    Our hallmark example of results-based efforts is evidenced in our exemplary work for the San Mateo Country Fair. We are proud to report that we delivered results by creating and implementing

    1. Creative Marketing Programs
    2. Branding Strategies and Corporate  Collateral
    3. Commercial Printing and Direct Mail  Services

    As a result, attendance for the San Mateo County Fair rose and continues to increase, which illustrates that a complete understanding and execution of a viable marketing campaign was crucial to getting people to the fair on a consistent basis. In fact, the 2008 attendance was the largest realized by San Mateo County Fair in at least the last 10 years.

    As a result of a partnership with Unique Image, we restored attendance and elevated their brand awareness through integrated and strategic campaigns targeting supermarket promotion, vital Hispanic radio promotions and community outreach programs in the belief that saturating specific targeted markets is just what San Mateo County Fair needed to boost their attendance rate and bring loyal participants to their events.

    As our relationship with San Mateo County Fair continues to thrive today, we are proud that not only were we able to increase their attendance, but also saved them 20% by integrating their branding and print media services.

    HON Industries
    Print Media & Fulfillment Solutions
    Graphic Design, Printing, and
    Direct Mail/Fulfillment

    Problem Statement:
    Hon Industries came to Unique Image with a marketing campaign that presented inconsistent and disjointed messages to its target market. With printing costs quickly rising and a need for bigger quantity,  increasing, HON Industries required a full-service strategy to come to their rescue.

    Marketing Assessment:
    It was apparent that Hon Industries needed an aggressive marketing tactic that utilized alternative design elements to create consistent messages that impacted the marketplace. Therefore, our goal was to

    1. Create a win-win scenario that cut costs  
    2. Develop and Implement a high-level marketing and print strategy
    3. Synergize the marketing and printing efforts of Hon Industries

    Marketing Solution:
    Unique Image called upon its exclusive Emergency Marketing Response Team™ that specializes in turnaround projects. Brochures and sell sheets were reviewed for consolidation and design upgrades. New literature programs were identified, and completion timelines were created. Unique Image used these timelines to plan ahead and gang print jobs. This precise effort enabled Hon Industries to realize actual print savings of 45%.

    The Unique Image team suggested another aggressive tactic. Utilize alternative design elements and messages to impact the marketplace. We suggested that Hon Industries develop a slogan that promoted its services accurately and effectively, one that didn’t send mixed messages to its target audience. This concept enabled the client to revamp its collateral style and create pieces that invigorated sales. By assisting in this process, Unique Image added a powerful look while also implementing its 24-hour turnaround fulfillment guarantee, managed inventory control system and no-cost warehousing. Fulfillment costs were cut in half, and HON Industries had a perpetual, precise accounting of the literature in stock, usage cycles and reprint forecast.

    As an extension to the marketing team of Hon Industries, Unique Image developed and implemented a flexible and energetic strategy, impacted the marketplace and gained market share. In addition, Hon Industries realized a documented savings of 58% in time and costs…significantly more than requested!

    Pacific Lodge Boys’ Home
    Integrated Branding
    Corporate Identity Initiatives, Marketing,
    Graphic Design, Printing, and
    Direct Mail/Fulfillment.

    Problem Statement:
    A changing philanthropic environment limited the Pacific Lodge Boys' Home marketing and promotional resources. After 75+ years of building productive lives for troubled boys (ages 13-18) and an turnover of key staff members, PLBH had their hands full. With attention focused solely on helping the boys and not on promoting the organization, donation dollars were drying up. The identified solutions required money they simply did not have.

    Marketing Solution:
    The answer to their prayers were in front of them all along. The Pacific Lodge received an unusual endowment from the U & I Vision Program, free printing and marketing services.

    Unique Image led a new corporate identity initiative with a complete branding and marketing strategy and implementation plan. As part of the corporate identity branding initiative, Unique Image designed, developed and executed Pacific Lodge’s first marketing plan and key collateral elements. The recommendations boosted the image and morale of the entire Boys’ Home while enabling them to aggressively and proudly pursue donations and press opportunities.

    "The efforts of Unique Image and their U & I Vision program allow Pacific Lodge to use its resources for the direct care and treatment of the boys placed in our care," said Lisa Alegria, President and CEO. "They have become one of our most meaningful supporters."

    Within one year, the Pacific Lodge’s new identity and marketing push, provided at no cost spurred donations, new PLBH services and renewed interest. The work of Unique Image facilitated the Pacific Lodge’s being able to focus on their dream of helping the boys, while strategic marketing work was executed seamlessly at no charge.

    Hands For Hope
    Event Management
    Marketing, Advertising/Media Buying,
    Graphic Design and Fund Raising.

    With dwindling attendance and a busy staff, the Hands for Hope board of directions turned to Unique Image to infuse a fresh and professional strategy into the 4th Annual Starlight Jazz Serenade.

    After careful evaluation of past programs and event coordination, the marketing team overhauled all aspects of the event. A new look was implemented along with new pricing structures for the VIPs and patrons. Media sponsors were secured to carry to message to interested concert goers and press coverage was secured.

    Not only did the event raise more funds than the combined efforts of the 2nd and 3rd annual concerts, but the reviews were impressive as well.

    Consider excerpts from this write-up in the Los Angeles Times:

    NoHo was a musical kitchen as the jazz roasted over an open flame at the fourth annual Starlight Jazz Serenade Benefit for the Hands for Hope organization.

    Held at the plush and luxurious Leonard H. Goldenson Theatre at the Academy of Arts & Sciences, the event drew jazz fans from as far as Las Vegas, San Francisco and beyond. They came not only to support this worthy and noble cause, but also to witness the splendor of what may be remembered as one of the greatest jazz concerts in the history of NoHo.

    The evening’s chief sponsor of this first class event were Unique Image President and Event Co-Chair, Wafa Kanan and Jack Reed, who created the stunningly beautiful and glamorous atmosphere.

    As the audience settled in with quick comedy and introductions, Gospel Jazz Saxophonist, 2002 Stellar Award Nominee, Ron Brown, then took the stage and proceeded to take the audience by the hand into his personal regions of saxophone jazz. As he worked through a clever modulation in key and brought the melody and dynamics of the piece to new heights, the audience rose to a standing ovation and cheered for what would be the most moving moment of the entire evening and the piece was only half over! After working through a clever cadenza and gently brought the audience back to earth. It was glorious.

    For the final number of the evening, Boney James was not only joined by Brown, but also by Paul Jackson, Jr. and Brian Culbertson. However, this time, instead of playing keys, the multi-talented Culbertson would join the ensemble on slide trombone. This experience of witnessing James, Brown, Jackson and Culbertson on stage, performing together, was an unexpected special treat. The coming together of these artists on stage was symbolically consistent with the spirit of the coming together of all of the attendees of the show in their support for Hands for Hope.


    With green-conscious selections and a commitment to building strong communities, our work has been recognized with the prestigious

     • Gold Ink Awards
    • Printing Industries Association of Southern California Award of Excellence
    • Epson MVP Marketing Award
    • Dialogue on Diversity’s Entrepreneurial Excellence Award
    • The Lebanese National Order of the Cedar
    • 11 Gold Advertising Seals from the Western Fairs Association
    • Honorary Decree from the Sultanate of Oman State Council
    • Latin Business Association Sol  Awards
    • Annual Entrepreneurial Awards from the San Fernando Business Journal
    …among others


    The qualities of purple? What does it mean?

    For nearly 20 years, Unique Image has embodied our signature color to deliver all the intangibles of purple: royal service, urgent campaigns, and strong blend of warm stylings and intelligence.

    But what do these intangibles deliver on your ROI?
    Our services and the products they produce elevate our clients’ brand with sustainability and innovation, with a regal flare of elegance. We value our clients like our family – and creating success for then is our highest priority. Everything we do has a results-driven focus to create solutions which add real value. Their bottom line is enhanced and market perception is increased. We accomplish the tangibles with a watchful eye on client budgets.
    This is why that throughout our history, our mission has remained the same: deliver the unparalleled and make a difference in the world through our specific purpose, aspirations and beliefs.

    Throughout our history, our mission has remained the same: deliver the unparalleled and make a difference in the world through our specific purpose, aspirations and beliefs.

    Who We Are
    A full-service integrated brand marketing agency and print media solutions boutique. Through the energy of our breathe ™campaign, we will transform you company image, energize your brand and differentiate your company for the competition.

    Who We Serve
    Corporations and Fortune 1000 companies with corporate citizenship programs, Not-for-profit organizations and NGO's, international government entities, emerging companies, small-to-medium businesses, entrepreneurs, studios.

    Unique Image, Inc. is an integrated brand marketing and print media solutions agency. Our proven ability to design, implement and deliver thriving campaigns and discover imaginative solutions has earned us a valued reputation as a partner in consumer and business-to-business media, commercial printing and direct mail. Empowering the philanthropic sector is the core of everything Unique Image delivers.

    Unique Image will be the primary marketing voice for attracting corporations worldwide. We will continue our commitment as benefactors to the non-profit community. We will leverage our synergies and experience in international communications and focus on cultural outreach and ethnic marketing. We believe that leadership in the intelligent use of diversity – human, natural, and metaphorical bridges across cultures – contributes to our continued growth.

    Our beliefs are the driving force of our purpose and aspirations. We …

    • are committed to the highest standards of character, ethics and integrity.
    • value the power of the team over the power of one and achieve this through the extraordinary qualifications of our people.  
    • focus on customer relations and all of its intended results to deliver strategic solutions.
    • embrace the spirit of corporate giving and strive to integrate this into every aspect of our service through community outreach and our impact on a multi-cultural society.
    • are dedicated to the creative synergy of mind and art and apply the philosophy of a can, want and will do attitude. Our ambition is to achieve this purpose for our clients and everyone we reach.


    Wafa Kanan
    President and CEO
    Corporate Strategist

    “Humanity has no nationality; this is my vision, what I live by and what keeps me going every day”

    Wafa Kanan an American entrepreneur and a leader in the movement to uplift Middle Eastern societies and culture.

    Kanan, is the CEO and founder of Unique Image Inc., an integrated brand marketing and print media solutions agency with a client base that includes Fortune 500 corporations. Unique Image is an award-winning agency receiving national industry acclaim for its work. Kanan has also been recognized and honored by numerous national and international government agencies for her innovative work on relation initiatives from The United States to the Middle East by the governments of Dubai, Lebanon and Oman. She is the agency of record and cultural liaison for the Economic Alliance of San Fernando Valley and the greater Los Angeles to the Middle East.

    Unique Image is extremely rare as a woman-owned and operated quality printing facility and is responsible for the world’s leading Middle Eastern lifestyle magazine, ALO Hayati, read today by an estimated 1.2-million people. She is a member of the WBNC–Woman Enterprise Business National Council, USWCC, US Woman’s Chamber of Commerce. Kanan has extensive background in strategic planning, for business development and marketing. Kanan she has dedicated her life to the dream of a more peaceful Middle East, and one better understood by the rest of the world. After 10 years of advocacy and contributing to more 50 US-based charity and children’s organizations, Kanan formed the ALO Cultural Foundation in 2008 which is dedicated to providing diverse forms of sustainable community outreach programs and humanitarian relief worldwide.

    Kanan graduated with honors from the University of Lebanon with degrees in Political Science and Business Law.

    Michael Lloyd
    Vice President, Marketing

    Michael Lloyd joined Unique Image after his ascension to the top of the advertising and public relations battlegrounds. His formal training in marketing and print media brings fresh ideas and a special area of expertise to the Unique Image alliance.

    With a forte in business-to-consumer programs, Lloyd excels in reducing current client budgets while increasing output and productivity. He creates brand promises and implements strict collateral and promotional messages that shape and enhance our clients' image. Lloyd conducts extensive market research within the industry to validate new and existing products, analyzes competitive data and charts strategic pricing procedures for many Fortune 1000 companies.

    As editor-in-chief of America’s top Middle Eastern publication ALO Hayati, Lloyd learned this community inside and out. Coming from a strong background in journalism, he brings a typical America perspective to a magazine devoted to uniting cultures. So, how can a man with such a full plate find time to also help launch and tackle editing duties for a successful magazine? Well, as he says, "I don't really have any other passions other than cultural diversity. I can't sing or dance. I can’t sit still through a sports event or play a musical instrument. So writing and the written word are what I pour myself into."

    Lloyd has contributed a great deal of energy to the philanthropic mission of the company and what it stands for and has managed to keep balance between business-as-usual and giving methodology. Companies have referred to him as the wizard of communications and a guru of direct mail and special handling projects.

    Lloyd holds a Bachelor of Science and an MBA in communications from the University of California at Los Angeles.

    Sami Chalfouh
    Director of Strategic Planning and Business Development

    Sami Chalfouh leads the development and strategic team for establishing a long term strategy for international dialog. He provides market research and representation with a specialty for businesses seeking to do business in the Middle East. The implementation of these projects is felt through the visionary work of Unique Image Inc, ALO magazine and ALO Cultural Foundation.

    Chalfouh brings a wealth of experience developing major international projects with emphasis on downstream operations, construction, and rough diamond trade. With over 17 years of experience in business development, national and international relationship building, he has been a key driver in commodity trade agreements globally, and a visionary leading the development and implementation of a consolidated online global trading platform.

    Chalfouh is a passionate entrepreneur with a deep sense of cultural awareness; he has lived in the Middle East, North Africa and graduated with a Bachelor degree in International Business Management from California State University of Los Angeles. He currently is completing his MBA in International Business Management. In addition to English, he is fluent in Arabic, French, and conversational in Spanish.

    Nick Sideris
    New Media and Web Development Manager

    Nick Sideris leads the development and web team to establish a solid, integrated and interactive web presence comparable to today’s expectations. Prior to joining Unique Image, Sideris led one of the largest property management companies in San Francisco, completely rebranding and refocusing their efforts. By creating unique marketing campaigns which contributed to the rehabilitation of minority groups in San Francisco, Sideris brought the definition of community to a new level while simultaneously forming and structuring a department that did not exist.

    Clients We Served:

    We have years of experience working with national and international companies and use our expertise to accommodate your needs. Corporate clients are looking for a partner they can trust. That partner is Unique Image. Testimony to this has been the companies who work and continue to work with us for their marketing and print media solutions.

    • 24 Hour Fitness
    • Assessor’s Office, County of L.A.
    • Aveda  
    • Blue Cross of California
    • California Waste Management Board
    • Citicorp
    • County of Los Angeles  
    • Economic Alliance
    • ESPN Zone  
    • Goodwill Industries
    • Hilton Hotels Corporation  
    • Hon Industries
    • International Student Film Festival Hollywood  
    • Leslie's Poolmart
    • Los Angeles-Beirut Sister Cities  
    • Los Angeles Dodgers
    • Mount Sinai Memorial Parks
    • National Notary Association
    • Park Place Hotels  
    • Providian Financial Services
    • Ross Dress for Less  
    • Sahara Hotel
    • San Diego Padres  
    • See’s Candy Company
    • Six Flags Amusement Parks  
    • Southern California Edison
    • Sporting News Radio  
    • Sunkist
    • Tenet Health Systems
    • The Gas Company / Sempra Energy
    • The Walt Disney Company  
    • University of Southern California


    Our commitment to providing global diversity supplier solutions encompasses every business sector within Unique Image. We are certified by the top agencies in the United States so our clients can experience the benefits that come from working with a woman-owned business. It's a win for the community and a win for business, yours and ours. And, our track record allows you to do more, each day.

    We are proudly endorsed and certified by:

    The Los Angeles Minority Business Opportunity Center (LA MBOC) is a City of Los Angeles operated program under the direction of the Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA), which is part of the U.S. Department of Commerce.

    City of Los Angeles, known as the "City of Angels" or "L.A." is governed by a mayor-council system. Under the direction of Mayor Antonio R. Villaraigosa the Los Angeles Minority Business Opportunity Center is committed to serving minority businesses in their efforts to grow their companies and increase their capacity to provide more and higher quality jobs

    The Women's Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC), founded in 1997, is the nation's leading advocate of women-owned businesses as suppliers to America's corporations. It also is the largest third-party certifier of businesses owned and operated by women in the United States. WBENC works to foster diversity in the world of commerce with programs and policies designed to expand opportunities and eliminate barriers in the marketplace for women business owners. WBENC works with representatives of corporations to encourage the utilization and expansion of supplier/vendor diversity programs.

    The U.S. Women's Chamber of Commerce is the independent force behind an economic revolution in America.  With bold and deeply strategic steps, the USWCC is changing the American economic landscape forever. 

    The USWCC provides connections at many levels -- connections in areas of interest and region.  And, very importantly, we connect women economically to harness the power of our purchasing to sustain and grow our own community.

    The Department of General Services (DGS) serves as business manager for the State of California, with more than 4,000 employees and a budget in excess of one billion dollars. The DGS helps to better serve the public by providing a variety of services to state agencies through innovative procurement and acquisition solutions, creative real estate management and design, state-of-the-art telecommunications, environmentally friendly transportation, and funding for the construction of safe schools.

    The CPUC regulates privately owned electric, natural gas, telecommunications, water, railroad, rail transit, and passenger transportation companies, in addition to authorizing video franchises. The CPUC plays a key role in making California a national and international leader on a number of clean energy related initiatives and policies designed to benefit consumers, the environment, and the economy. The CPUC is also at the forefront of communications issues and has developed a Consumer Protection Initiative to empower consumers and prevent fraud in the rapidly changing telecommunications industry.

    The Valley Economic Alliance
    The Valley Economic Alliance is an economic and community development organization dedicated to retaining, expanding and recruiting good businesses and quality jobs in the five-City San Fernando Valley Region of Southern California.


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